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New version 1.2 is available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/947960/Ribbon_Racer/

Ribbon Racer is a racing game (wow!) based on the Unity3D engine, where cars can be upgraded during the race. Magic boxes containing bonuses will be appearing in random places on route all the time! Those can be collected to improve your car capabilities, such as increased maximum speed and acceleration or additional energy points, which can be spend to use cars special powers. Thanks to the infinite renewal of the bonus boxes and unlimited number of laps (set by the player) we can come to a situation where our car will rip space at breakneck speed exceeding 500 km / h.
Each car type has unique active power, passive ability and even ammunition type, which can be used to attack rivals. It is these elements, deviating from realism, and original, imaginative routes that are the main strengths of this game.
Because I'm not a specialist on computer networking, Ribbon Racer doesn't have multiplayer online mode. In return, it offers local multiplayer on split screen (or additional screens) for up to 4 players. In total, RR can handle up to 5 screens (in the case of a smaller number of players an extra screen acts as a map).
To control your car you need only 6 keys.

At the moment, the game offers:
- 5 types of cars (4 can be chosen by the players, 1 is reserved for the AI)
- 4 special powers: turbo mode, flight mode, formation of stones, pool of ice
- 13 diverse routes (including, for example, "Tower Defence" route, where there are a lot of moving obstacles and traps, or a "Hobbit" route, where we go there and back again on the same road, so we have to watch out for cars coming from the opposite direction)
- 13 soundtracks (unique soundtrack for each route)
- 5 types of bonuses (not counting bonus traps)
- The possibility to enable "SkyView" mode to completely change style of the game
- An option to create a Tournament - determined by the player set of routes, connected by the overall score and the inability to change settings (selection of cars and the number of opponents) between routes.
- List of lap records, which consider chosen route and the type of car.

Also, I'm definitely not ruling out the possibility of adding more content in the future!

See the trailer or gameplay from previous version.

Release date Jan 04, 2017
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Buy Now1.50€ EUR or more

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